Matthew Amos


The Famous Amos difference! With a client-centric approach that has established him as a leader in the $1M+ market. Matthew is not bound by strict corporate bureaucracy, affording him the ability to be dynamic, innovative, and competitive on a more targeted, yet grander scale than any other brokerage. Discover prolific innovation and unparalleled results with Matthew Amos. His sales break neighborhood records that last for years!

Matthew Amos brings disruptive and innovative experience and knowledge to the most exclusive addresses in the areas most premier properties. Matthew's sole representation of a hand-selected portfolio is a pinnacle of properties, estates, and projects worth $1m and above, is a first among Real Estate brokerages in the area. His unique model enables him to invest more capital and offer a vast range of services, think more creatively, while leveraging his experience and knowledge to get you the areas most notable sale and the most price per square foot sale.

The conventional brokerage model of having fancy fliers, newspaper ads, online ads, and 10 real estate signs for your property is outdated and inadequate. The Real Estate market is changing. Buyers have vast resources and access to information readily available at their fingertips. Here is a real-life scenario Matthew sees every day. A ready and willing buyer with a pocket full of cash comes to your property ready to purchase, but wants to remove a wall, install a movie theatre, build a guest house, add a room, which insurance company to use in high fire risk areas, and much more. The average Agent cannot and does not have experience or the knowledge and must defer the questions to a Contractor or Architect, thus waiting days or weeks for answers. During that time, the buyer, with a pocket full of cash, has moved on and seen multiple other properties and purchased another property that is not yours. When you have an interested buyer, Matthew keeps them actively engaged because he has the experience to make precise executive decisions quickly and the areas most vast resources to quickly and effectively help all parties involved to make informative decisions leading to quick and successful closings.